T2i - beware condensation

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Re: T2i - beware condensation

LeeStar wrote:

CameraCarl wrote:

If the camera is cold to the touch, the risk is there. So don't risk it. Put the camera in a plastic bag or a tightly zipped camera bag. But don't forget to take the memory card and batteries out before you go inside so you can download images and charge the battery while the camera is warming up.

Thanks for the tips. Whether it's rare or not, better safe than sorry. It would be a huge blow to my bank account if I lost my camera and lens/s. Thanks also to the OP for bringing the subject up and I hadn't really thought about it till now.

You're welcome LeeStar. I hope my unfortunate episode can prevent reoccurances. I also want to clarify, the jacket was not completely zipped up. At the time I thought there would be enough air to circulate - obviously I was wrong. (But there was no rain getting on it whatsoever).

Now having stepped up to the 60D, I'm wondering if the more weather sealed camera's are any more resilient to condensation.

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