All this talk about D800 MegP, how about IQ?

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Re: The D3S/D4 is for you. Not D800...

Jon Rty wrote:

Is the 21mp Canon sensor not made from the existing 8mp sensor? Both share the same pixel-pitch, and both have almost performance characteristics.

Depends which 21MP Canon sensor, the 1DsIII sensor was indeed very similar to the 8MP sensors, only FF rather than APS-C. The 5DII sensor was a completely nes sensor with higher effciency and lower read noise. Confusingly, the same seems to be true of the 18MP APS-C sensors, whwer the 7D sensor seems to be a shrunk version of the 50D sensor, while the 60D, 550D and 600D sensors are derived from the 1DIV.

As is the case with the Sony 10mp and 24mp sensors.

I think not. The Sony 10MP sensor was CCD. The 24MP (FF) sensor in the A900 was much like the 12MP sensor in the D300, while the D3X one seemed to perform more like the improved sensor in the D90. It might have to do with Nikon finding a better way of using the on-chip ADC's.

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