Occupy Wall Street - New York City 2011

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Re: Occupy Wall Street - New York City 2011

There were complaints from the press - and there were excuses from the mayor’s office for not informing the press of the police raid, and for blocking off the area when the raid took place. Some photos and videos of the raid did appear on the Internet and news services, since just everyone has a camera or cell phone that can takes photos and videos. One photo was of a press member who was pushed to the ground – he was lying on the ground with his 2 cameras, and it was this photo that cause complaints from among the press, along with not being told of the raid and the blocked off area.

Most of the photos that I took of Occupy Wall Street were very average photos. It was hard getting something a little different. I took the photos on my lunch break as my job was only 4 blocks from the their occupation site. All the other photos that I took I deleted from my computer, since they were much of the same as what I posted here on dpreview.

This blocking of the press in not unusual. A few years ago the new democrat president, Obama, was having a meeting in the white house and the press was invited, as always, – but the FOX news service was blocked from the invitation by the white house staff members because it wasn’t a supporter of the new democrat president, Obama. The other news services hearing this all refused to cover the event unless FOX news was also invited. The white house staff gave in and Fox news was also invited.

The mayor of New York City at one time was a Democrat and then switched to be a Republican and is now an independent. Both the Republicans and Democrats both have their problems with each other and the press. Everyone wants to look good in the press.

I myself am not political, but I do follow the news on the politics of the day. I don’t favor the Republicans, Democrats, conservatives or liberals – there are both good and bad policies from all groups. Lately with all the bickering from both political parties, Republicans and Democrats, I am beginning to believe that a one party system may be better than what we have. Just my opinion.

slarti bartfast wrote:

Wow!!..that's crazy stuff, we here (downunder) look to you guys as the benchmark of an unconstrained press. I hope the complaints causes heads to roll.

Given that experienced press people were arrested may indicate a very hostile environment. I dare say the charge would be 'causing a hindrance'. They can remove anyone in the vicinity under that stuff. I've seen press guys work and they always live to fight another day so, they would likely have given the police plenty of room to work. Maybe the arrested were young jimmy olsens trying to make a name (just a thought).

Here in melbourne when the occupy protesters were removed the media with video were stopped at a certain point. When the police made advances to disperse the crowds on the street the news cams were left stranded. The press potographers were able to stay with the action because of where they were but were certainly not given reasonable space to work. I saw a woman press photographer almost have her gear knocked into her head and she just smashed to the side by swinging police arms. She would have flown to the ground had the crowd not been so closed in to make falling sideways impossible. I was really shocked because at that point the game was over and the police were moving the protesters along so it was completely unnecessary.

I have taken some images of 'occupy melbourne' and aside for a very few felt i did poorly. It is as if it 'appears' like a place full of opportunites but everything you see is what you expect to see and i found it hard to say anything 'photographic'. Maybe i am too lazy to keep at it and keep digging. The confrontation stuff requires a certain amount of commitment and can certainly reward you but developing a narrative of the everyday goings-on is what a photo essay needs and i have just not spent the time needed to establish one.

You seem interested and informed about the groups involved. I admire the time that must take to know and wish you success with it. I don't think it is going to fold, especially at Wall st, so where you're at is where its at. Keep us informed with images.


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