i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

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Re: i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

I upgraded from a D300 to the D700 and in-studio performance increased greatly FF is so nice if you are old enough to have used "full frame" film. The D700 is not just better at hi isos. Even noise at base iso will muddy color fidelity so the D700's colors are much better. The PC connection on the D700 makes it better then all the older and less expensive Dxxs for manual strobe connection.

I purchest a factory referb two years ago for about $1900. So as a Nikon employee you should look into this cheaper option.

One other option is wait till the 800 comes out at which time the used 700s will begin to appear on the market. Just buy on with lower shutter count.
Ken Eis

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