i have D200, buy a D700 or wait for D800

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You do not seem to be in a hurry, so

rzakyn wrote:

i am a photographer. i am happy with D200. but other than work, i shoot high

iso. and D200 is not famous for it's high iso performance. in studio, D200 is good.

if your D200 serves you well

if i can get D700 for 2.000$ in USA, i'll buy a new one. i also work at nikon. they > say it's going to be a 12x3=36 MP, and about 4.000$ is true. i cant afford that > much.

and you work at nikon

D200 is still not old fashioned, but in a few years, will D700 will be old? also if > D800 comes, how much can a new D700 can cost? less than 2.000$ ?

why not wait for the D999? By that time the selling price of the D700 will be US$150 and the D900 will cost around US$2452; the D999 will sell for US$ 3152 and considering you will have to pay US$300 for someone to accept your D200, the final cost, to you, of the D999 will be US$3452.

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