Experience with the G3

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Experience with the G3

I recently bought the G3. I wanted a small light travel camera and ditto lenses. It will replace my DSLR except for telephoto. I bought two pancake lenses, the 20mm and the 14mm, both have excellent optic performance. I've experimented a lot with the camera since.

The Jpeg color rendering and metering in daylight are excellent, no need to use RAW in my view. Auto White Balance is good, depending on your taste can be tweaked a little towards Amber. The camera tends to use the lens wide open in P-mode (which is not the sweet spot) therefore I use A-priority.

In the evening/artificial light however, white balance can't be trusted and higher ISO gives noise. So under these conditions its definitely better to shoot RAW. Remember only to use Software with automatic Lens Correction for Panasonic G3 (like Silkypix, Lightroom or Photoshop).

I used Silkypix (comes with the camera) but I didn't find noise reduction comfortable to use. I switched to Lightroom which sweeps away noise very easily. The results are stunning.

Settings Camera (all saved in Custom setting ((C1)):

  • Intelligent Dynamic high

  • Intelligent Resolution high

  • Max ISO 1600

  • A-priority

  • Calibration of EVF-LCD: EVF Bright -3, Sat +2, Red -1, Blue -1

LCD Bright -1, Sat +2, Red -3, Blue 0 (with thanks to poster Donald Wyllie)

Settings Lightroom RAW

  • Standard: tweak White Balance and Saturation

  • Detail: tweak Sharpening (amount), Detail and Luminance

for fixing blown highlights you can add:

  • Quick Development: automatic color adjustment and lower lighting



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