Lighting setup for the Canon MP E 65mm Macro lens

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Re: Lighting setup for the Canon MP E 65mm Macro lens

charley5 wrote:

I was hoping to get suggestions regarding what lighting to use for this lens. I do mostly insect shots in the field (without tripod)! Do I use a ring flash? Or a flash on an extender of some sort?

The most flexible solution is a MT-24EX Macro Flash with a 3rd party bracket (rather than the end-of-lens mount supplied. Here's the rig I use (although in this case it's a 100mm f2.8 Macro lens and not the MP-E 65 mounted on the camera)

Finally, won't the insects react almost immediately to the flash, or is the flash too quick for even the most reactive insects? (sorry if this is a dumb question)

Some do, some don't. Butterflies seem to be very sensitive, but possibly to the sound of the shutter, and not the flash (as they've already started moving when the flash fires). I've not noticed it to be a particular issue.

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