Hard drive prices - Yikes!

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Re: Hard drive prices - Yikes!

Jen Yates wrote:

MrScary wrote:

MrScary (DennisR)
Swansea, Wales. UK

Serves them right for building below the water line. No sympathy for them this way.
Cheep labour don't pay off in the end.

Yeah serves them right those stupid poor foreigners. They should have gone hungry rather than live and work on a flood plain.

But as you say, so what if there's over 600 dead now, it "serves them right".

Or for an alternative view...

Have some sympathy and compassion you disgusting wretched worm of a man.

I suspect he was ragging on the rich execs who were the ones who surely planned where to buy land to build most cheaply etc, some of whom might not be foreign at all.

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