Raspberry splash - K5 + Sigma 105mm Macro

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Re: Raspberry splash - K5 + Sigma 105mm Macro

Thanks all, I appreciate that when you stylise a photo it won't be to everyones taste. I'm a big fan of selectively coloured B&W at the moment, and I thought the red raspberry in white liquid seems fitting.

For the how to to be helpful to someone trying to do similar:
1) Get a macro lens of some sort

2) Two external flashes with Wireless triggers (I use the cactus V5's) on stands. Camera on tripod.

3) Set your flashes to very low power, like 1/64th or there a bouts. This means the flash will fire for only a very short amount of time (like 1/1000 of a second. This is where the two lights come in handy...twice as much light.
4) Focus with the lights on so you can see what you're doing
5)Turn off your lights

6)F8-11 so you get a bit of DOF. F12-16 or so would be nice, but then on 1/64 your flash isn't pumping out that much light and you'll have to go to too high an ISO.

7) Patience for the next bit. Drop your object in the water and time your shutter release just as it hits the ground. You're gonna have to do this at least 30 times to get "lucky".

8) chimp your photo zoomed in to see if you've nailed the focus before you dismantle your setup and head to the computer.

So not rocket science, more patience that anything is required. (and a supply of fruit + milk. lol I got told off for using the last of our milk in the morning

Here's another from last night's tinkering

I quite liked the water looking a bit like glass in this shot.

Cheers all


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