Lowel "Pro Pak" ViP Pro-Light Kit (250W)

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Re: Lowel "Pro Pak" ViP Pro-Light Kit (250W)

Ok, thanks to everyone for the advice. This is useful.

It sounds like it makes sense to stick to strobes and not invest too much in continuous lighting. Right now I have 2 LumoPro strobes with umbrellas, stands, etc (a Strobist kit from MPEX) and they do most of what I need. (Hopefully that's what you'd consider good quality.) I own no continuous lighting except for the random household lamps and stuff people normally have.

While I could do most continuous lighting that I'd probably need on the cheap (worklamps, etc.), it seems like it makes sense to have just one good very flexible professional light for convenience and learning purposes, and luckily it's within my budget. (Part of how I'm told you learn to use strobes properly is messing with continuous lighting.)

The other stuff I was looking at are these protrait-type lighting kits with softboxes, etc, and no real flexibility in terms of light control which sounds like stuff that I seriously do not want. The Pro-Light seems like the right thing because it focuses to different beam angles and is designed to support various accessories and such. (Though most of that I'm betting I might be able to manage with cinefoil.) So it seems like it meets the "single maximum flexibility light" thing that I'm looking for.

As for the class, it's a Photography I class and the only reason strobe use is prohibited is to keep the total neophytes from using the dead-center on-camera built-in flash in the usual amateurish blown-out nasty manner (that's the only flash that the students borrowing school equipment would have access to). And of course it also helps ensure that people understand long exposures, tripod use, the drawbacks of high ISO settings, etc. Not a bad policy by the instructor.

Basically I don't anticipate having the "no flash" restriction for any more classes except perhaps a few assignments or something. So I certainly wouldn't buy a light just for classes right now, and anything involving fancy continuous lighting should involve using the school studio and equipment.

Anyway, I decided to order the stuff I mentioned but per peoples' advice I will probably not buy any more continuous lighting beyond this. (If I do need more I'll probably go with the hardware store strategy for that.)

(And, BTW, I'd seriously doubt that a small glass diffuser would emulate a softbox. I think about all they do is go from "hard" to "less hard", not soft.)

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