Nikon 16-85mm

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Re: Nikon 16-85mm

As my every day lens, I picked the Sigma 17-50 over the nikon 17-55 when I bought my D7000.

It is a great lens. Very sharp. I did have to have it serviced because it was not autofocusing after about 5 months of pretty heavy use. They replaced the front bayonet and I think they updated the firmware. in anycase, it came back good as new. It is an EX lens, so you get the longer warranty as well.

My Nikon 50/1.8 sits in my bag now-a-days, even if I am doing street photography.

One complaint I have is that the hood does not stay on very well. I fixed that with a piece of black electrician's tape. The front cap comes off easily too, but that can be replaced, and is not the lens itself.

Lens is definitely not weather sealed. You can see electonic components from the back end.

It will not have the professional build quality as in the Canon L lenses, but I think you will be happy with the optics.

Here are two pictures that I took with the lens:

And finally, I think neither the Tamron nor the Nikon has VR.

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