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CA ?

I am not sure where you see the CA. Without any sun in the image I would have thought CA was not likely to be a problem. I am a little behind on the lingo. But I assume OOC is the same as 100% crop. That is an image pixel equals one camera pixel. I went back and took a look at a couple of my images with the 55 210 on a C3 zoomed in to the equivalent of a 100% crop. Two images that I have at 55mm include branches against a bright sky in the corners. A very small amount of CA is visible there. At the border in the center of the top part of both images, there are also objects backlit by a bright sky. No CA is visible. The images I have at 210 mm are not as prone to CA. But they do include front lit branches and a sun lit heron as the main subject. I can't see any CA at all.

I have been wondering whether the reason that my experience with CA conflicts with what some of the reviewers have been saying about these lenses had to do with in camera correction. I am doing jpegs rather than raw. But the C3 settings have no options for lens correction. So I assume that what I am seeing reflects the uncorrected lens.
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