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Re: Computer Industry Future

Not exactly the same. Those days was a limitation how much memory you could put on the motherboard. 1mb was maximum with 640K usable with extra memory used as memory drive. But no one could use more than that. Memory reached $500 per MB at some point. My wife's friends uncle bought gazillion memory before the crash and sold it at the peak. For that money he opened with a partner cheap computer brand. It was very famous brand but I don't remember the name now. It sounded like HP but it wasn't. It was such a junk that he refused to give one to his niece. So I had to build it for her.
If the same thing happened now it would be devastation.

But I do agree that computer industry is not in trouble at all and most likely drive manufacturing will restart soon.

I use a non OEM battery in my $20,000 car so why not in my $2,000 camera.

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The only time a smaller sensor with the same pixel count is superior to a larger sensor (aka higher pixel density) is when you are focal-length limited.

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