This must be the reason for slower sale of DSLR

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Re: This must be the reason for slower sale of DSLR

sagebrushfire wrote:

The 4S isn't competing with cameras from years back; it's competing with a massive lineup of inexpensive point and shoot cameras with HD video capabilities and still resolutions approaching 20 megapixels - not to mention DSLR's that offer professional-grade results and low-light performance that other devices cannot match (That's a big one because few P&S cameras can survive indoor shooting without a flash).

i agree with this. nobody is "replacing" their SLR with a phone-camera. if you own an SLR camera you are obviously dedicated to slinging it around your neck and carrying it with you all night.

no, the iphone is competing with pocket-able P&S/compact cameras. cameras that you put in your pocket and always have with you at all times.

like many photographers on this site i own both a nikon D90 and a canon SD880. i love the D90 and i take it lots and lots of places. but sometimes i just don't want to bring it with me. that's why i have the SD880, because it fits in my pocket and i can take it EVERYWHERE. not only is it portable, but it doesn't get discriminated against because it's a big camera.

that is the camera the iphone is competing with. the iphone wants me to buy an iphone instead of my 6 year old sanyo flip phone (which i will hold onto until the day it dies!) along with a pocket camera.

It's an interesting read and the 4S is impressive but in the end it's very much a jack of all trades, master of none. Practical usage will show you that lack of image stabilization and comparatively inferior controls will prevent you from creating anything substantial using an iPhone 4S.

personally i couldn't imagine using a camera with touch-screen controls (or a phone for that matter). i am a huge sucker for devices with tangible touch-feedback buttons. it allows me to write a text message while walking, dial a phone number without looking, or change my exposure compensation without taking my eye from the viewfinder.

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