Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

Started Nov 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP michael lipman Junior Member • Posts: 35
Re: Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

You know I sort of looked at that one(white lightning 1300ws flash) and it has a recycle time of almost 4 seconds and believe it or not that just drives me crazy waiting for more than 2 seconds.

I have had this comet 2400III and it takes 4 seconds and I seem to take about a 100 shots as variations in about 5 minutes and that 4 seconds adds up. So I may take that one off my list, unless I find one for $50 then I would try it.

I think I will rent the Elincrom RX 1200 and try it out for the $25 fee from Helix rental.

My next assignment I am going to compare it to the Dynalite 2000xl, the Zeus 2500,
the speedotron force 10.

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