AF Performance on A65 vs. A55

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Re: AF Performance on A65 vs. A55

Tom, I agree. I come from the Canon camp, and have owned a Canon 7D. The thing that attracted me was all the features A55 offered with the compactness. I have had no problems with the A55 with a telephoto lens and was hoping to stay that route. A77 is still is attractive but would miss the compactness.

My Son-in-law has a 7D. It is a great camera but it is a beast, too big and heavy! I'm not out to impress people with a "professional" looking camera. I outgrew that long ago. The fact is now I am just the opposite and would rather be less conspicuous. I think the size of my A55 is great as it is small but not too small to hurt ergonomics. I also own an A100 which is a little larger but not too heavy. Anything bigger than that I don't want. That new Nikon V1 looks interesting as walk around but I don't have the resources to invest in a completely new system.

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I am with you totally, no more lugging bulky equipment for me. The NEX 7 is very interesting but for the cost, it better perform close to the A77 and I don't think the lens selection is enough at the moment.

I too enjoy the A55 and the new models would have to clearly offer me better AF & reduced/no lag with external flash. I may sit for a generation of new releases or let the A65/77 sales level off to get better pricing.

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