S95 vs S100: battle of CCD vs CMOS?

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Re: S95 vs S100: battle of CCD vs CMOS?

Steve40 wrote:

CCD's are superior to CMOS, in like sizes. Unfortunately the cost of producing a CCD, is a lot greater than a CMOS. So in larger sizes it is prohibitive.

Did your hear about medium format cameras ? Well they have all CDDs sensors bigger than FF sensor, I compared Pentax 645D to Pentax K5 (both 2010 cameras, both Pentax) 645D pixels sizes and resolution are about 2.5 times bigger then K5's and you know what? even with all this advantage that 645D has, it is not able to exceed K5 in DR and at 100% magnification K5 is as good as 645D in SNR.
How then in like sizes CDD will be better then CMOS?
Give us some strong arguments with correct camera names !!!

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