DPReview of Camera Phones

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Re: DPReview of Camera Phones

Lobalobo wrote:

stucs201 wrote:

Lobalobo wrote:

stucs201 wrote:

And the second by taking a few snaps using the display model in the store.

On that logic, DPReview should review no camera, because anyone can take a few snaps at the store with any camera.

Not no camera. Just the ones with actual features beyond point, shoot, get what you're given.

Why? There's no logic to your argument, best I can tell. The requested test is for image quality and image quality can vary even on devices that "point, shoot," force you to take "what you're given." Your prior post said the reason that camera phones should not be reviewed was because one interested in quality of camera phones can take some snaps in a store, but as I said this is true of all cameras, whether they are camera phones, point and shoot, or advanced DSLRs. So what is your argument exactly?

The camera on a phone is a tiny part of its feature set and sufficiently limited in its abilities that it can be assessed in minutes in the store when judging size etc. A proper camera on the other had has extensive features which can't be judged in a few minutes and does need an actual review as a camera. A phone should be reviewed as a phone, assessing things like call quality, battery life, things that can't be assessed in minutes at the point of purchase.

For comparison my swiss army knife has a couple of screwdrivers. They'll sometimes do the job when nothing else is available, but including it in a DIY magazine alongside reviews of proper screwdriver sets would be nonsense. The phone has become the swiss army knife of the electronics world.

I also don't get why you'd not just go to a phone review site even if its the camera you care most about (though if you primarily want a camera then you'd be better buying a camera) most phone reviews I see tend to concentrate on peripheral stuff like the camera and almost forget its a telephone.

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