This must be the reason for slower sale of DSLR

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Re: This must be the reason for slower sale of DSLR

nofumble wrote:

Check out the movie comparison between the 4S and 5DII. It blew me away.

Considering the 4S is just a phone, it's video capabilities are amazing.

That being said, the comparison is not really surprising, or even all that amazing. The iPhone 4S' video almost matches a professional DSLR's ... in a handful of very specific circumstances. Even in the video you can see that once values start dropping darker than 50% the iphone footage falls apart. Anything remotely dark and the scene starts becoming achromatic and full or artifacts.

What they don't show is the thousand other scenarios where the 4S' video will be totally useless. And keep in mind that video is a secondary function of both these devices, separate from their original intended usage.

The article as a whole is kind of sketchy. Why compare they iPhone 4S to a 7-year-old DSLR just because they have the same pixel count? The article is titled "Can the iPhone 4S replace a "real" digital camera?" and the 4S is a new device, why don't they compare it to contemporary cameras, its actual competition?

The 4S isn't competing with cameras from years back; it's competing with a massive lineup of inexpensive point and shoot cameras with HD video capabilities and still resolutions approaching 20 megapixels - not to mention DSLR's that offer professional-grade results and low-light performance that other devices cannot match (That's a big one because few P&S cameras can survive indoor shooting without a flash).

Dedicated cameras also have expandable memory which relies on a third-party product that's constantly evolving and improving. The iPhone 4S will never have any more disk space than it started out with, a very limiting decision by Apple (Probably done to try and curb third-party software or just limit the phones so there's more reason to buy the newer version that invariably will have more disk space).

It's an interesting read and the 4S is impressive but in the end it's very much a jack of all trades, master of none. Practical usage will show you that lack of image stabilization and comparatively inferior controls will prevent you from creating anything substantial using an iPhone 4S.
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