need new DSLR body, advice please?

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Re: need new DSLR body, advice please?

is there anywhere to see a d7000 price history?
or what did it cost 6 months ago compared to today? and in what country?

toomanycanons wrote:

People make that "mistake" all the time. Nikon Talk, Canon Talk, they ask about DSLRs instead of the dedicated DSLR forums (just take a look at what forums are available for you to ask your question).

A few things to consider: The D7000 has gone up a couple hundred bucks in the past month, the D90 (a great camera, I've owned 2) is now probably 1/2 the D7000 cost and comes with the added bonus that it's available.

liquidmonkey1 wrote:
the forum is titled NIKON TALK, not nikon compact camera talk.
or have i missed something?

L. Gevert wrote:

Might be more productive to post on a DSLR forum rather than the compact camera forum.

Good luck.

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own a D70s and i have a lot to learn

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