Buy the PEN E-P3 or wait for the Panny GX1 ???

Started Nov 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
johnc94 Forum Member • Posts: 51
Re: Buy the PEN E-P3 or wait for the Panny GX1 ???

Deusex wrote:

I'm not sure but it looks like Adorama has in stock Pan GX1 body ...

Yet Amazon shows it (in any configuration) "Available for Pre-order."

If you prefer using the LCD when shooting as opposed to an add-on viewfinder, for which both cameras will be (if the LVF2 ships, of course) pretty much equally matched, you might prefer looking at the E-P3's 614K OLED display, as opposed to the GX1's 460K screen.

And then there's IBIS with the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7. If you're shooting low-light (and if Olympus IBIS is working the way one would hope it would) with this lens, it could add at least a stop or two of shutter speed, although that advantage could be offset somewhat by superior high-ISO performance of the GX1 (if it is indeed superior).

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