Long duration interval camera?

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Long duration interval camera?

Some digital cameras these days include an intervalometer drive mode. In this mode the camera shoots a sequence of images with each shot separated by a user configurable time interval. Generally the resulting series of images is then assembled into a video clip, compressing a long period of time into a short film.

The problem with every digicam implementation of the intervalometer drive mode that I've seen so far is that the camera remains on during the time between shots. That's not a big problem if you're shooting short intervals but once you go beyond a 30 second interval and want to shoot several hundred images the battery quickly runs out.

The ideal behavior in this long interval situation would be for the camera to go to sleep between shots to save battery power. So long as the interval time is longer than the camera start-up time this should work out fine.

I think the best set of intervalometer features would be:

  1. a wide range of interval time configurations, from quarter second up to 30 minutes. (For short intervals the camera would just stay continuously on)

  2. long battery life: should be able to run at least 24 hours in the 30 minute interval mode

  3. able to shoot in reduced 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution. (any higher is a waste for video)

  4. manual focus

  5. both manual and auto exposure modes

  6. cheap

I've got a hunch that there might be "spy cams" that satisfy these requirements out there that aren't normally on the radar of photographers.

I have an old Minolta super-8 (yes, the film format) camera from the 1980s that meets all of these specs. Surely there's a digital equivalent by now.

Any ideas?


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