Can I copy Canon EOS 50D photos to iPhone 4S?

Started Nov 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP dukw_butter Junior Member • Posts: 34
Re: In a nutshell - no.

Yeah, so this is sort of frustrating. I understand (now) that I can copy the photos into the iPhone using iTunes if the iPhone is connected to a laptop. But this is sort of ridiculous....the phone is a computer...the camera is a computer...there ought to be a way to get the photo from the camera into the phone without a laptop in between. This is 2011, after all, not 1983.

I'm not 100% clear why this is. Right now, the best guess I have is that it's Apple's proprietary lock-down mentality. I'm certain that you could write an app to copy the files from the camera into the iPhone very easily. What I'm not sure is if Apple approves of this and would allow the app to be developed/marketed. My gut instinct is that they're against this for some reason, sort of the way they're dead set against allowing Adobe Flash.

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