need new DSLR body, advice please?

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Re: need new DSLR body, advice please?

thanks for your best guess(es).

having owned a d70s in the past (and now) the next logical step for me then would be a d90 BUT since the d90 is a few years old and the d7000 is apparently the replacement for the d90, then the d7000 would and should be my next natural progression.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand since people seem to agree that nothing new is coming in the d90 / d7000 range for another year or so then again, its the d7000.

i think getting a d3100 or 5100 would be a step backwards from what i have read the last 3 days so i'll just suck it up, save another months coin and get the d7000 when i'm ready.

thanks for the advice, just took me a few days of internet reading and everyones good advice to make a decision


mosswings wrote:

The ones that were expected in 2011 but have been delayed owing to the earthquake and floods have been the pro/semi-pro bodies. D800 has been leaked, probably to be announced shortly; D400 and D4 sometime next spring. In years past the D7000 has been iterated every 18 months, but a 2 year refresh is probably more realistic this time - so its replacement may not be until early 2013. I'm of course just pulling guesses out of my ear based on rumor and their usual refresh cycle. The 1 series development probably pulled a bit of energy out of the DSLR refresh juggernaut, but DSLRs are a flat market whereas the sub-DX format cameras are a growing one.

The D5100/D5000 have always been focus-motor free. For the new shooters and 1st move-up upgraders these cameras are designed to attract screwdrive lenses are a quaint artifact of the past; Nikon hasn't released a new screwdrive AF lens in 10 years. For people like you with a lot of pre AF-S lenses, Nikon gives you the special honor of paying more for the same image quality.

Sorry, haven't had my morning tea and I'm a bit snarky.

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own a D70s and i have a lot to learn

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