help me choose a walkabout camera

Started Nov 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
TonyGamble Veteran Member • Posts: 3,034
Re: help me choose a walkabout camera

"I have more or less decided to go for the Sony NEX5"

Well done.

Buy it quickly. Don't look at any more 'what camera should I buy' threads for at least a year whilst you push your camera to the limits and get really familiar with it.

Share your experiences on the Sony part of this forum and tell people what holds you back - they may have an answer.

Only after at least a year should you consider upgrading - and by then it will almost certainly be to another Sony as you'll have all sorts of Sony bits you don't want to replace.

And eBay will be your friend as you say goodbye to your NEX5.

Happy snapping.


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