need new DSLR body, advice please?

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Re: need new DSLR body, advice please?

The ones that were expected in 2011 but have been delayed owing to the earthquake and floods have been the pro/semi-pro bodies. D800 has been leaked, probably to be announced shortly; D400 and D4 sometime next spring. In years past the D7000 has been iterated every 18 months, but a 2 year refresh is probably more realistic this time - so its replacement may not be until early 2013. I'm of course just pulling guesses out of my ear based on rumor and their usual refresh cycle. The 1 series development probably pulled a bit of energy out of the DSLR refresh juggernaut, but DSLRs are a flat market whereas the sub-DX format cameras are a growing one.

The D5100/D5000 have always been focus-motor free. For the new shooters and 1st move-up upgraders these cameras are designed to attract screwdrive lenses are a quaint artifact of the past; Nikon hasn't released a new screwdrive AF lens in 10 years. For people like you with a lot of pre AF-S lenses, Nikon gives you the special honor of paying more for the same image quality.

Sorry, haven't had my morning tea and I'm a bit snarky.

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