My Harper's BAZAAR en Español "Risky Business" Editorial

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Re: My Harper's BAZAAR en Español "Risky Business" Editorial

Hi Benjamin.

I agree with the above. You got very nice fashion work going on.

However, my peeve seems to be with the video. I ended up fast-forwarding through it. I don't know if the music is redundant to the scene (maybe too loud too?), or that my attention span for repetitive dreamy video (i.e. "fashion" equates to stills vs. "video training" which is narrative and demonstrative.) is almost zero now. My family has gone through a lot of this "still photos set to music" and it has gotten a bit weary for me to sit through one with even one song. Novelty wore off I guess, or too many music videos which even the music channels have drifted from lately. Music is sort of like politics: It's always a 50-50 split on who likes what, and more so with generations. If yours was narrative to what the scene shots were (info a photographer might use) it may have captivated me more.

I wasn't too keen on the what appears to be "glare effect" in the stills as if off a glossy page in a scanner.

Model is striking, and I wish more were a bit more 'food conscious' near me who could stand to lay off the fatty foods a bit in the USA. We seem to be suffering an over-weight problem around here (diabetes on the rise like mad and even in kids according to my doc) and 20 pounds over now seems to be the "adopted norm." Sadly, some are getting big enough to take two traffic lights to waddle across the street. I fear that 30 over will become 40 over in the next decade. I've even picked up the habit off looking at the back upper-arm triceps area to see if it bends inwards rather than outward as a sign of too much fat boarding on "Bingo-arms" or if they have a well-defined deltoids muscle that defines the shape of the arm.

Your model does have that 'beauty-mark' over her left eye that I zeroed in on and would have been after the MUA to "Fix that!" especially with the black glasses as it pulled me from them. Too picky I guess. I've had one model ask me "If I was talking to her mole?" so I must have been subconsciously staring at it and startled me that I was doing it (it got hit with concealer too).

My two-cent critique, for what it's worth. No offense meant as I usually enjoy your work.


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