Just ordered nex vg20

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Re: Just ordered nex vg20

I'm on my second one. The first one had a touch screen that
did not seem to work correctly. The second one is better,
although I find you have to press a bit harder on the
screen than I had expected.

Like the VG10, which I also have, this one is mostly
menu-driven. However, the manual dial does give
access to a single function. The exposure adjustment
is not continuous but in 1/3 stop increments. Unlike
the VG10, the dial does not have dentents, which seems
like the wrong combination. Either give me continuous
adjustment or give me detents. Smooth adjustment of
exposure during a pan will not be possible, as far
as I can seen.

The effective crop factor for video is less than the
VG10, which I really like, as I rarely use anything
but wide-angle lenses.

By the way, the 16mm pancake with the 0.75 wide-angle
adapter makes a surprisingly good combination, and it's
f 2.8 to boot. The edges are poor in still photos until
it's stopped well down.

I'm keeping the VG10, as its used value is no longer
great enough to warrant trading it in. I'm not entirely
sure I'll be keeping the VG20. I need to do a lot more
testing with it before I'm sure.

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