Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

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Re: Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

michael lipman wrote:

i think what I want is a 1200 to 1500 ws monopack that weighs less than 8 lbs recycles in less than 2.5 seconds and does not cost $4000. Profoto makes something like this but I have not found anyone in Chicago that even has it on display to even look at.

Is that amazing in such a big city you can't find this thing to even look at or rent
Helix and Calumet donot carry the profoto air 1000ws

I use Profoto D1 Air 500s on a regular basis. Apart from the power, they are very summarily spec’d – recycling is near instant at 1/4 or less and around one second at full power. There are however, a couple of things that may make them less than ideal for you.

They have built in 77° reflectors, if you need a wider spread, then you would need to add the optional glass dome. They also can’t be pointed directly up when mounted directly on a light stand.

I only need to use a glass dome when using large softboxes – soft and strip boxes longer than five feet. The vertical angle problem is easily solved with a super clamp, but since weight is one of your criteria, that will add a pound.

The Elinchrom RX 1200 Ws is spec’d at 2.3 s. Hensel has several lights in the range, including the Integra 1000 Plus at 2.1 s and Expert D 1000 at 1.8 s. Rime Lite “the speed of recharging of almost all STROBEs is hard to be 0.2 seconds, but Hyundae Photonics has made it be drastically”. For price considerations, the Speedotron is probably your best bet.

Brian A

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