Panasonic GX1 Lens choice?

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Re: Panasonic GX1 Lens choice?

bzanchet wrote:

Hi there photo enthusiasts!

I'm not a pro, but I'm willing to step up from my point and shoot cameras.

I'm interested on buying a micro four thirds camera and keep my slim camera for partys and other "pockatable-needing" places.

potentially a very good idea

I did my research and I'm considering the new GX1 (although some others cameras are still a possibility: nex-7, gf3 ou fuji x10 - with smaller sensor)

It certainly sounds like it is a great camera body, akin to the older, but still widely celebrated GF1. Regardless of what camera you end up getting, I would handle them. Ergonomics and menus can be a deal breaker. For example, as appealing as a smaller body G3 is, I much prefer the ergonomics, including the grip, of the GH series, and so did not choose to get a G3 to replace my GH1. You need to see if you liike the way the GX1, and other cameras handle, especially with different lenses on the ones that have interchangeable lens capability.

My only worry is that thos new 14-42 x power lenses comes with a f3.5. Isn't that a little high for night shots?

The 14-42X will not be great for low light shots, no lens with a f3.5 max aperture will be....

I'm afraid that even with the much larger sensor, the low light pics qill look like my point and shoot...

Depending on what you shoot, they certainly can look like P&S photos...slow shutter speeds do not freeze moving subjects, such as people at a party, even with OIS....however, properly taken shots, that do not depend on shutter speed to freeze subjects, you will find a great improvement, less noise, more detail, etc.

should I get a 20mm f1.7 lens also? I've seen that this 20mm is 40mm equivalent, also a little worried about this, what do you guys think?

I think the 20mm is a great little lens, though not necessarily for video. The 40mm equivalent is a lot closer to my sweet spot than a 50mm equivalent is...I tend to like a little wider than normal...but the 20mm is not about close up portraits. The Leica 25 mm is an expensive, though very nice 50 mm equivalent, of course, has a max aperture of f1.4

Oh, and this pancake lens don't have image stabilization, and not sure how my videos will look without it... I dont know why can't there be a lens for four thirds like the new fuji x10 camera wih 28-112mm equivalent F2.0-2.8 lens.... is all about sensor size. The reason you can have superzoom cameras with amazing 20x to 30X zoom ranges, such as 24mm to 600+mm equivalent with a 52 mm filter ring diameter, power zoom, autofocus, optical stabilization for $400, is because of the small sensor size. The real focal length is more on the order of 5 mm to 100 mm with a tiny image circle in comparison to MFT or other system cameras (Pentax Q and Nikon 1 aside)

That said, I think in the next 6 months, you will see faster zooms, closer to the range you desire, probably around f2.8 max aperture. But for a larger sensor, faster means more glass and larger diameter....take a look at the very fine Olympus FOUR THIRDS lenses, which use the same sized sensor as MICRO FOUR THIRDS

Oly has some some wonderful fast zooms, with commensurate prices reflecting the added complexity required for a larger sensor....

The one feature that differentiates P&S cameras from MFT (or other system) cameras is their ability to change lenses...and seeking a fast, portable all in one zoom solution is not really using the camera to its best ability....

If you want fast, you probably have to pay for it, and to use your feet for zooming and your head for the type of lens to mount...A classic combination of interchangeable lenses would the Oly 12 mm f2.0 (or Panny 14 mm f2.5), a Panny 25 mm f1.4 (or Panny 20mm f1.7) and an Oly 45 mm f1.8, then for a really longer telephoto, you have many choices...

Don't think about MFT cameras, or NEX or whatever interchangeable lens system as a one horse (or lens) show...their flexibily comes in the ability to change lenses, and use legacy lenses (e.g., older 35mm film camera lenses or even newer APS-C and Full Frame lenses) in manual mode.

If you want a 28-112mm equivalent f2.8 single solution lens, MFT is not quite there yet, and those systems have such glass are likely to be too big and too heavy for your liking, not mention expensive.

Take it from one who has made the step from P&S to an interchangeable lens system...

Thank you!!

Bruno - Brazil

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