Lowel "Pro Pak" ViP Pro-Light Kit (250W)

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Lowel "Pro Pak" ViP Pro-Light Kit (250W)

For my last photography project I used a 40W halogen desk lamp with a cinefoil makeshift snoot and some color effects gels held manually in front of the snoot.

This actually worked better than you'd expect given that I didn't need a fast shutter speed, but I figure maybe I should get a real light for this kind of thing. Given that my need right now is more for a somewhat focusable spotlight type thing with barn doors, a snoot, or something, for controllable direct hard lighting, I'm thinking that this might be the right thing in my price range:

"Lowel Pro Pak, Pro-Light Kit with 250 watt Bulb, Lightstand & Accessories"

"Lowel Gel Filter Frame for the Pro & i-Lights"

I'm also thinking I might get:
"Lowel Diffused Glass with Holder for the Pro and i-Light"

I'd be running this off of good ol USA 120V AC wall power.

Any opinions?

I'm extremely new to lighting so I could use some advice. Do I really need the gel holder or will gaffer's tape on the barn doors probably work in most cases? Is the glass diffuser worth anything? (I expect any main light to come from strobes w/ umbrellas, so I'm not sure where the diffuser might be useful. Background light maybe? I actually have a diffuser gel....)

Also, any recommendations on an AC light dimmer?

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