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My preferred MFA process

kentmcpherson wrote:

Where do find instructions for this MFA process?

Here's a link to my favored method, using a tethered computer, from Arash Hazeghi:


Just in case the link doesn't work properly (it seems to be intermittent) here's the essence of it:

Pin a high contrast target to the wall at a distance of 25-50 times the focal length, for a zoom lens choose the focal length that you use most often. Note: I recommend repeating the test for at least 3 different FL's on a zoom lens to ensure consistency (wide, mid, long). If the results vary by more than a point or two, then you may need to send the lens to Canon for adjustment. Also, there are different opinions on the distance... some photographers here actually prefer using the minimum focus distance, in spite of Canon's recommendation for 25-50x FL. Try it both ways and see if get any different results.

First use the spirit level on the ball head to level the camera in XY plane. It is essential that sensor plane is parallel to target. To do this you can use a small mirror, tape it to the target look through the camera’s finder until you can see the centre of your lens in the mirror and lock down your tripod. Optical axis is now perpendicular to target and you are done with the mirror.

You must have Canon EOS utility application installed on your machine, this is included with every Canon camera, if you have an older version make sure to go to Canon’s website and download the latest update.

You are ready for micro adjust now. Follow these steps:

First set the camera to Av mode and select the center AF point. Dial in any necessary exposure compensation to get the exposure correct on your target.

1) Connect the camera to your computer via the USB cable that came with the camera and cancel any image download pop-up/application.
2) Run EOS utility.
3) Click on Camera setting/remote shooting icon.

The camera should now magically switch into live view

4) Click on Remote Live View Shooting. This will open a new window with live sensor video. Make sure AF is in phase detect mode (Quick mode AF) that uses the camera’s main AF sensor. This is found within the Liveview menu.

6) Choose the center AF point and make sure the white rectangle is centered on the AF point.
7) Click on the magnifying icon for a full size view.
8) Click AFON button and the camera will now perform AF.

If you have assigned any function to the camera AF ON button within the custom functions then you will need to reset it temporarily back to the default or the camera might not focus!

9) Click on 200% magnification, you are now viewing the sensor output at 2:1). Note it is essential that the tripod be placed on a solid surface plus nobody should walk in the proximity of the setup or you will see vibrations on the screen!

10) Now click on the right arrow or left arrow buttons to shift focus back or front one click at a time until image appears sharpest on the screen, notice the contrast edges, you want them as crisp as possible. Write down how many clicks you have moved relative to the center, infinity symbol indicates far direction.
11) Repeat this a few times until results are consistent.

It is best to defocus the lens and get the camera to refocus within EOS Utility a few times to check for consistency.

12) Each click on the right arrow or left arrow corresponds to one unit in the AF micro adjust scale in the camera. e.g. if you clicked the right arrow icon 3 times in the + direction then dial in +3 into the camera Lens microadjustments

13) Disengage LV by clicking "close" in the Zoom View and Remote Live View Windows.

14) Go to MA menu option in your camera and dial in the exact value noting the back or front direction.

15) Go back to step 3 and perform AF again, if the image is already as sharp as possible when you click 200% you are done, if not iterate until you can repeatedly get the sharpest image.

Your camera and lens static AF should be adjusted with great accuracy now.

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