Panasonic GX1 Lens choice?

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Re: Panasonic GX1 Lens choice?

bzanchet wrote:

My only worry is that thos new 14-42 x power lenses comes with a f3.5. Isn't that a little high for night shots? I'm afraid that even with the much larger sensor, the low light pics will look like my point and shoot...

The minimum F-Number of 3.5 is no different than that of the 14-42mm and the 14-45mm (the 14-140mm is F=4.0).

That is 3.063 times less light (on a linear scale) than (say ) a LX3/LX5 at F=2.0. But the G3 image-sensor that is said to exist in the GX1 can be operated at around ISO=640, and achieve the same SNR (18%) as that of the LX3/LX5 at ISO=100. So you would still be ahead by around a factor two increase in "light-sensitivity" at the same SNR.

The problems arise if you want to achieve the same DOF of focus between the two camera-types. My analysis of the GH2 at ISO=640 compared to the LX3/LX5 at ISO=100 indicates that the LX3/LX5 would be have a slightly better SNR (18%) than the GH2 (or the G3 or GX1) when the DOF is equalized between camera-systems.

... should I get a 20mm f1.7 lens also? I've seen that this 20mm is 40mm equivalent, also a little worried about this, what do you guys think?

With 17.33mm active vertical width GX1 image-sensor, and a 20mm Focal Length, it looks like that would give you a 46.86 Degree Angle of View (aka FOV) referenced to the horizontal dimension .


... Oh, and this pancake lens don't have image stabilization ...

Depending on how much one is believer in the effectiveness of Power OIS, it could, conceivably make up the difference (between F=1.7 and F=3.5). The effectiveness of OIS, however, is a statistical figure (whereas shot-shot mileage "would not vary" in the case of a "faster" lens-system).

However, if a deeper (rather than a shallower) amount of DOF is desired, the F=1.7 of the "pancake" lens would be a profound disappointment (compared to the DOF the LX3/LX5).

Another consideration is the minimum Focus Distance of the MFT lenses. 20cm (around 8 Inches) is about as good as it gets (compared to 1cm in the case of the LX3/LX5).

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