M 4/3 vs everything

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Re: M 4/3 vs everything

Bob Meyer wrote:

As with everything else, this is more complicated than it may seem.

OTOH, the XZ-1, has a pretty large zoom range. Similar zooms for the m43 system will be larger, heaver, and slower.

I will say, ....... if your DSLR never had anything but the kit lens on it, you only shoot jpeg, and mostly post your photos on Facebook or Picasa (or similar sites), then you'll probably be perfectly happy with a high-end P&S.

Exactly. My XZ-1 is never meant to be used for crucial, difficult shots though it still could. It just meant to be carry around and round I go.

Like below samples. Taken indoor in a Kids play zone.

The last was with flash on. Though I don't see any difference between when flash did not use.

But one thing that I must give all my thumbs up is the autofocus. It's so fast... so very very fast. It's so fast that this camera seems like it wants to take pictures even without you letting it.



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