Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

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Re: Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

It is about 1/3 to 1/4 of a stop darker between a Force 10 with the 35 degree refector and the Dynalite 2040 (head which is a 80 degree reflector ) with a pack of

2000xl. So I point both at the ceiling with a 40 degree grid spot and see how much it lights up a small living room. There is a lot of loss in the pack/ head system with a 15 to 18 foot power cord. With the comet 2400 pack and a 18 foot cord with a comet cx head it is almost 1/4 less than the dynalite 2040 head. The 18 foot cord eats about a 1/4 of a stop.

I will use a dynalite 2040 head on the comet 2400 pack and the comet pack puts out just a tiny winnie bit more light than the 2000 ws Dnalite pack.

The difference between 2000 wattseconds and 2400 watt seconds is really almost not noticeable. You dont get a full stop untill you double the 2000 ws to 4000 wt

So taking a 2000 ws light and adding 400 wattseconds is like 1/5 of a stop in theory.
But in reality it is just barely noticable.

i think what I want is a 1200 to 1500 ws monopack that weighs less than 8 lbs recycles in less than 2.5 seconds and does not cost $4000. Profoto makes something like this but I have not found anyone in Chicago that even has it on display to even look at.

Is that amazing in such a big city you can't find this thing to even look at or rent
Helix and Calumet donot carry the profoto air 1000ws

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