Photogenic SNOOT: what size for hair light?

Started Oct 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
David Grabowski Veteran Member • Posts: 7,291
Slowhands, the Studiomax is 2.5 LBs

Not going to find a strobe too much lighter than that. It's a plastic case Photogenic mono light. Sounds good as a hair light to me. At least it has control, the AC slave he is looking at I suspect has no capability to adjust light intensity ( but I haven't read about it either).. Long story short, I think either stick with the flash for a hair light and move the Mono to rim or kicker or into a strip as you suggest or just keep the Mono as hair but work with it some more ( grids, softbox, strip box etc.

We all know how this goes, there is no one fits all setup !

slowhands wrote:

There are many different WEIGHTS of strobes, I suggest you invest in a lightweight one for use as hairlight. If doing small groups rather than solo, you may want to add a stripbox + grid too, as one or several speedlights won't do the job easily.

Several pros I know like the small/lightweight Flashpoints from Adorama as hairlights. Smaller than the FP320's

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