SB-900 Misfiring or sometimes not firing

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fyi there's a long standing thread on this here -

I have 2 D700's and have had a total of 4 new hotshoes fitted by Nikon UK or their repair agent for this same fault. The fault seems to appear when using the SB-900 and is DEFINITELY NOT something I would be paying to repair. This is a design issue and something that Nikon in the US and UK have been repairing under warranty and out of warranty since the D700 was introduced. I have had 2 new hotshoes in the last month, and one of them has gone back in as it lasted a day before the same thing occured.

If you have had a $600 repair bill from Nikon for this I'd suggest you copy and print out as many threads as you can and send these to the service manager at the address where the repair was made and demand your $600 back!!

Strangely, the same hotshoe is used on the D3 series and does not suffer from this problem, hence the insistence that it's a design issue.

I have written proof from Nikon UK that there are NO technical notices from Nikon Corporation about the D700, so they're denying all knowledge of a problem but are happy to repair as a goodwill gesture if the customer complains loudly enough...

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