Do "L" lenes cheat on shutter speed?

Started Nov 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Do "L" lenes cheat on shutter speed?

not only that, but in-home lens testing is sketchy at best. for instance what lighting were you using? becuase if there are clouds in the sky, ambient lighting can change in amatter of seconds. is there a TV on in the background? because they emit light that reflects off other things in the room.

little things like that can make a 1/2 stop difference, and they change by the second. they change faster than you can change lenses.

also pointed out, something to consider is that by changing the perspective (when switching from 50 to 85mm) you are changing the amount of background in the photo. this background may be calculated into the final exposure (depending on metering mode)

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