Would the Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS make a noticeable improvement on this pic?

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Re: Thanks

it sounds like some people seem to think that the picture is fine. regardless, i don't think another lens would make this picture "sharper". the 15-85 would help if you were shooting from further away or wanted to zoom in more. but both the 15-85 and 18-55 have comprable IS systems. improving your technique will help you much more than buying a new lens. so i don't recommend shelling out cash for a new lens because you may get the same results.

as for the "angle" i can recommend a simple fix --- crop. cropping is one of the easiest things to do and can make a drastic improvement in the picture. i don't have access to photoshop or the capabilities to upload any photos right now, so i'll just explain what i see. first, align the photo so that the subjects are all in a straight horizontal. it appears that they are and the white border is at an angle to the subjects. but you want the subjects horizontal.

then, just crop the white frame out of the image so all that remains is the black backdrop, the subjects, and maybe the wooden floor. don't cut off the feet of anyone or, say, a foot of a microphone stand.

this would remove the white frame which is at an intersecting angle with the invisible line that the subjects are standing on, it would remove the guy's head at the bottom of the frame that serves as a distraction, and i think would help your image.

plus, it's very easy to do. most programs it involves clicking the crop tool, dragging a box, and presing "enter". cropping can really help any photo you take to remove unwanted distractions you may have missed when taking the photo (i use it all the time because i'm not smart enough to notice these distractions when i'm actually taking the picture)

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