My Official Critique of D800 body

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Flat view
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My Official Critique of D800 body

D800 Front/Back:

1. The view finder is NOT protruding adequately from the rear lcd, they are aligned. Your going to have to mash your nose and face into the lcd to be able to use the VF, 8mm(1/4") of protrusion is adequate.

2. View finder has no rubber cap to rest your eye socket comfortably. Try butting up your eye socket in a sub freezing hard plastic VF and see how that feels. The rubber also shields/minimizes stray light from going into the VF and throwing the metering calculations off.

3. If your going to copy Canon, copy 1D, 5d, 7d, 60d wheel + joy stick implementation and not the rebel style, The small wheel in the battery grip in the back is EXTREMELY lame, it seems like it was forced in there between the gap of the body and grip. Why so close to the gap?

4. 65% of the knob is practically buried in the slope shoulder. Extremely difficult to grip with a large finger tip with gloves on it in sub freezing temperatures. Decrease the pitch of the slope, protrude the knob higher, or move the knob down the slope.

5. Shutter button+on/off switch is the SOOO D5100. Let the trigger be the trigger, don't attach rubbish around it. Update firmware so that the camera is on WHEN shutter button is pressed half way, a far smarter move than a finger flick.

6. Wheel in front is now sloping into the body, guess where the rain water will go when it rains? That is right, into the body without a chance to drain out. This is ideal situation if the drain is thought out, the slope is right.

7. The three audio holes in the front, it is located in the slope. Think, think, think . . . . when it rains those holes become manholes. It will channel all the water into the slope and ultimately into the body. DO NOT locate the holes in the slope, make sure the flat surface of the hole is perpendicular to the vertical wall.

8. The vertical button in front of the knob is like poking my index finger to check for sugar level in the blood. Pull it away from the knob and increase diameter size. In sub freezing temperature, finger tips becomes less sensitive because it is far from the heart. The heart will focus blood flow near the core. It hurts to press that button in freezing temperature!

9. The penta prism housing is unattractive, AGAIN it is so D5100. This is a premium model, why does the head look like the D5100?

10. The extended battery grip looks retarded, period. It looks like a saddle bag;

11. The rubber sealing is dental floss like especially around egress, knobs, sockets, and buttons. PROVIDE actual rubber caps to fully seal egress, knobs, sockets, and buttons. The proof is in the pictures/renderings, click the link!



12. The four buttons on top off the knob, DO NOT touch that, it works.

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Flat view
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