GXR M module at high ISO - red channel

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Re: GXR M module at high ISO - red channel

braeside wrote:

That's interesting Godfrey. I only checked the JPGs because I was sure that the reds were not right in Aperture (for example with well know reds like post boxes and telephone boxes). The JPGS were more "accurate" in the red region than Aperture's RAW development. In general I just like the Aperture workflow much more than Lightroom, so stick with it, despite its little foibles. I'm hoping that Apple continue to enhance Aperture .

IMO, the only way to evaluate "accuracy" is with a calibration test chart. If the results of shooting a calibration test chart print out to a match, then the color is accurate. However, if you like the results of reds in the JPEGs and find the default raw conversion too magenta, just create a standard correction and apply it to suit on import. Raw conversion isn't supposed to be used entirely on the default settings or else you'd really be better off just setting up the camera's image processing to do what you want and output JPEGs only.

I can live with Aperture's workflow most of the time. It's the inconsistent and mixed up adjustment tools interface I find annoying, as well as the fact that no matter what I do it will sometimes recognize the raw files I want to import and sometimes not. I can't find any rhyme or reason to it. For me, Lightroom's workflow is far more regular and efficient, without pop-up displays and big differences between full screen and windowed display organization, etc. It does the job exactly the way I want.

YMMV, of course.

BTW Until I got the GXR I shot RAW only with my cameras, it was the GXR RAW + JPG mode that was forced upon me by Ricoh, otherwise I wouldn't have had any JPGs to compare the colours against. I have the choice in Aperture to import only the RAWs if I want, but when I have few space restraints I import both with the RAW as Master.

The JPEGs I've set the GXR to produce are so small I archive them along with the raws. There are differences in the EXIF metadata so I don't want to lose them, just in case. I have LR set to ignore them on import so they don't clutter up the catalog.

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