D800 first pictures something mysterious?

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Re: Right edge appears to have PP masking artifacts

Iliah Borg wrote:

Re Canon - they used to have leaks on DPR, but the person who thought it is the proper way to do things was humbled.

I think I remember that, but these aren't leaks on DPR, they seem to be leaks around to other places. As has been noted, the leaks have the effect of stirring up a flurry of interest prior to launch which only enhances the impact of that launch, I think they are viral marketing at its most effective.

Re leaks - the more NDA breaks happen the less testing in the hands of pros the prototypes are getting, and that is the most counterproductive result of the leaks.

That is one of the things that makes me wonder. How long have D800 prototypes been in the hands of pros under NDA's for testing? (rhetorical question, BTW, I don't expect you to break your NDA by answering it) 3 months? 6 months? no-one burst out and bust their NDA for a long time. yet, within two weeks of launch, suddenly we get high quality leaks. What is even more amazing is that this is, by all accounts, a delayed launch. Now, when the first launch date was scheduled, if it was just random leakers getting in on the act, you would have expected them to jump the gun then, but they didn't. Or when the launch was postponed, to leak then for a bigger impact, but they didn't. Now there is a series of events set up for December 2-4 and sure enough, exactly 2 weeks ahead, we get a high quality leak.

The famous nikon D700 brochure leak happened on June 23 2008. The d700 was launched on July 1st 2008. The D3 was leaked August 18th 2007 and released 23rd August 2007.

Nikon seems to be very good at containing leaks until just before release. Just saying.

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