V1 vs Its Competition

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Re: Correct

Well, that's a direct contradiction to as good as all photography reviews and owner experiences I've read about the camera. Just look at the posts on this forum by owner, their main praise is that auto everything, focus area included, is neigh fool-proof.

Noirist wrote:

This is most definitely not my (admittedly brief) experience with the J1 or the V1. The J1 has a serious problem with indoor backlighting causing flare in images and neither the J1 nor the V1 are very good at choosing the right autofocus points. They are easily distracted by reflections and can for some strange reason choose to focus on the background even when the subject is filling the center 3/4 of the image (just like the Nikon DSLRs).

The G3/GF3/GX1 have a prominent iA button that immediately sets all the settings to their most idiot-proof values. The 1 cameras can easily have an inappropriate experts-only setting buried in the menu where an inexperienced shooter will never find it or know that it needs to be changed and if so to what.

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