Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM and D7000

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Re: Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM and D7000

Hi !

I used Sigma 30mm on D70 for a few days when the lens was released and it was a great surprise for me: no yellow color cast (like many Sigma of that time), very good bokeh, and sharp in the center, but I found exposition issues...

A few mounts ago, I decided to buy it for the same reasons of yours and now I use it on a D7K.
The lens has pros and cons:

-Excellent bokeh (better than Nikon 35mmf1.8)
-Mid/Good bokeh transition
-Very good skin reproduction
-Center sharpness is very good also @1.4
-Exposition is good on D7k (I noticed a few overexp. only with external flash)

-AF is precise with the central Af-point (even if my sample required Af-adjustments)
-Good angle (about 51° - even if I'd prefer a little wider one)
-No color cast
-Well controlled coma and cromatic aberrations (for a lens of this class/price)
-Flare is present only in extreme conditions
-Manual AF override


-AF is not precise with lateral AF-point, so I've to focus with the center and then compose...
-AF doesn't work in Live-view and in video mode.. MF is perfect...

-Field curvature makes borders not so sharp (for Wide Apertures), but if you focus well for borders, you'll notice that sharpness is not so bad...
-Peripheral borders are not perfect even stopped down
-Minimum Focus distance only 0.4m

At the end I've to say that it's a quite funny lens, also because it requires attention to obtain excellent results...

I suggest you to try the lens personally also to evaluate the subjective points (bokeh, rendition...) and to consider the cons about AF (I don't give them so much importance)...

I'll try to post some shots as soon as possible...
Make your choice...

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