Bad Pentax experience

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Re: Whos the real troll?

Poweruser wrote:

Taffy wrote:

Go look at he/she/it's posting history. I'd be willing to bewt money, if this thing ever came out from under the bridge near me, that it has never held/owned ANY Pentax camera.
Have a good day.
Regards Allan

What a lame attempt. Anyone questioning the tools you decided to chose is a "troll"? I have used a lot of cameras and lenses in the past years, some I liked more, some less.

I wonder why people in photo forums tend to make a religion out of their choice of equipment. I dont care for brands. They are all "foreign" japanese companies any way and none of them supports me. I pay dearly.

As a "Pentax fan" try to understand that the reason the company is failing so hard today lies in the user experience I had. The average camera nut (like me) tries the current top of the line model and midrange zoom and gets a virtual slap in the face. And now face it: The copy I had was either a "so called bad sample" or the combo is in fact crap. And you are blaming me for posting here??? Blame Pentax.

As a rational human being I don't believe statements without fact.

You have no history (besides your dubious posting habits) so nobody will take you at face value.

Any serious photographer would post examples to show what they think is wrong, and you were requested to-do so without response.

For all we know, your a crap photographer who doesn't know which way round to hold a camera.

I blame neither you nor Pentax, as your statement is unsubstantiated its just noise.

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