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Re: I've used the A77

Marques Lamont wrote:

I'd figure, if you need that much resolution, why is it a good idea to shoot at that high an ISO and sacrifice image quality???

I can't understand. Clue me in.

I was at a friend's 60th birthday party yesterday. I took a lot of pics on AutoISO, and allmost all of them... without flash... were ISO1600... and it would have been really, really wonderful if they were ISO 6400 or higher... and had great image quality. The lighting was dim much of the time. (The worst thing was the ugly brown walls of the venue... REALLY hard to get a good WB, that is for sure!)

One does not need high ISO for MOST shooting, but much too often I find I need it for where I seem to be... inside a school gym, a poorly lit restaurant for a family get together, grandkids zipping around in a normally lit room where speeds of at least 1/1000 are necessary... whatever. (You have no idea how fast a hyper 2 1/2 year old can actually move from spot to spot!... not to mention his equally hyper 7 year old brother and 6 year old cousin can scamper around!)

Maybe mine is really special circumstances, but I don't think they are unrealistic for most people with family. Yes, I can get good shots quite often at f:1.4 or f.2.8, but many times I need at least f:8 to get two kids in focus while they are chasing each other around.... not to mention the fast shutter speeds.

When taking shots of trees, mountains or flowers, I really don't need the higher ISO.... in fact, I want the quality that goes with the lower ISO... but easily 50% of my shots are family, and at this moment in time, I need fast ISO and fast shutter speed. Having a camera that gives superb IQ at these settings would be really a bonus for me. Your mileage may differ!

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