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Re: GXR M focusing - a method

Godfrey wrote:

Katsunami wrote:

Hm. Throwing together the money for 5 GXR-M's doesn't even buy me an M9 in the Netherlands, so it's not really over the top with regard to that

Hmm. An M9 runs $7000 in the USA. Five GXR bodies, A12 Camera Mounts and EVF viewfinders runs $6250. Low-use, exc+ M9s trade in the $5500-6500 range.

Heh. Much different over here. An M9 almost sits at the top of the price range (only exceeded by the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III and coming 1DX). It costs 5.450 euro's. I can "build" a complete GXR-M for about 1.000 euro's.

That's the reason why I own a GXR-M now, and not an M9... and it's the only one.

Same for the lenses. In the Netherlands, the price of one 50mm Summicron f/2 (around 1500 euro's) buys me 2,5 Zeiss ZM lenses (35mm f/2, 50mm f/2, and part of a 21mm f/2.8). That's why I own three Zeiss lenses...

The only thing I can say with regard to the GXR-M is that it is about 90% of the camera I expected Leica to make. (I would not even find it strange if they approach Ricoh, put the GXR-M in a smaller M-styled body, and then with some firmware tweaks start selling it for > 2000 euro's.)

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