Ultra Wide Zoom for FX

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Re: Examples from today

JamieTux wrote:

I have a Nikon D700, ...

Oh good, cause that is the camera I am going to buy as soon as I find one. If I'm lucky they will officially announce the D800 before I do, so (hopefully) the price will go down. When I first got into dslr's I bought a D100 when it went from $2599 to $1599. Could that happen again?

Nah They see us coming.

By the way, I was offered a super deal on a 17-35, so I will buy it. Thanks for all your information, examples and advice James. I thought very seriously about the 16-35, but it kept coming back to distortion, 'cause I do stuff like this, with a lot of straight (and straight-ish) lines:

(you can put on red/blue 3D glasses, and it works)

ps, have fun with your Kodak. Right before I got the D100, I wanted a 14n real bad!

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