Which 70-200 2,8?

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Re: Which 70-200 2,8?

I had MK1 for a very long time. Had to send it back twice for adjustments.

The problem I had is that I could get very sharp shot at F2.8 but I had to take many shots to get one sharp. I shoot actors mostly during interviews and when people talk they move and this lens just could not detect slight movements. What I usually do is pre-focus and wait to get the best possible expression on the face so lens needs to keep focus constantly and keep up with slight movements. New Sigma OS does that beautifully. Old Sigmas could not do it either. The only other 2 lenses that do it very well are Canon 24-105mm and 16-35mm. New Sigma 120-300mm OS is really not so good for this purpose. It will do well with cars and horses at high speed but not with micro focusing. I am judging by the amount of keepers I get in this situation.

The picture below was taken with 16-35mm while this women/men was walking very fast towards me. No she/he did not pose as you can see by her/his legs.

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I use a non OEM battery in my $20,000 car so why not in my $2,000 camera.

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The only time a smaller sensor with the same pixel count is superior to a larger sensor (aka higher pixel density) is when you are focal-length limited.

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