Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS (Most recent version) Anyone has?

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Re: Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS (Most recent version) Anyone has?

you are welcome. I forgot to add. And this is coming from my own observation.

It seems to me that Sigma changed since Jan 2010 announcements. All of the new lenses including old designs are all redesigned. All lenses before that date are only so-so and many are absolute crap. I don't mean made after that date, I mean announce after that date. So 50mm F1.4 for example was announced in 2008 but if you read forums some people say it is great and some say not so great. But if you look at 85mm F1.4 most people don't complain.

New 70-200mm is not old lens with OS added on. It is completely new design with FLD glass (just like Canon uses in L lenses) and new finish.

I use a non OEM battery in my $20,000 car so why not in my $2,000 camera.

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The only time a smaller sensor with the same pixel count is superior to a larger sensor (aka higher pixel density) is when you are focal-length limited.

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